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  • Power Folding Mirrors For Toyota Sequoia 2008-2022 | Tundra 2014-2021


    • Upgrade the exterior of your Toyota Sequoia or Tundra with the new KTJO 4x4 Power Folding Mirrors ABS DIY Package. If you have a 2022 Tundra, this package will not work for you as Toyota did make a change to the factory outer mirror connection plate. This outer mirror upgrade adds motorized functionality and a luxury feel that the factory outer mirrors simply just don't provide. As more and more features are making their way from luxury cars to family and budget-friendly cars, we all are demanding more and more features as we just want to be “up-to-date” with the latest technology. With the hours that you spend in your vehicle, why not have the same amenities as the higher-trim levels, just at a much more affordable cost. The new power folding mirrors are based off of factory outer mirror housings.
    • Outer Mirror will Automatically Fold when you lock your vehicle with your key fob. Likewise, Outer Mirror will Automatically Unfold when you unlock your vehicle with your key fob. When heading into a narrow parking space or garage, pressing the “FOLD” button on the side mirror control switch, just left of the steering column, mirror will Fold in towards the side windows. To put back into driving position, pressing the “UNFOLD” button will Unfold the Outer Mirror. If for some reason you would like to not have the Auto Folding Mirror Function Active, you simply press the “FOLD” button on your side mirror control switch prior to leaving your vehicle. This will deactivate the Auto Unfolding Mirror Function. Therefore, when you return to your vehicle, your Outer Mirror will not Automatically Unfold when you Unlock your vehicle with your key fob as your side mirror control switch is always primary when it comes to controlling your Power Folding Mirror. To put them back into driving position, again, pressing the “UNFOLD” button will Unfold the mirror. This feature is great for the winter months when your Outer Mirror may need to warm up prior to Unfolding.
    • The DIY Package will REQUIRE removing the Mirror Glass and removing your connection plate that is located in the inside of your factory Outer Mirrors. The New Connection Plate anchors on directly to the Mirror hinge location and housing with the factory hardware.
      As part of the modifications, you will need to cut the washer on the top of the factory spring loose. CAUTION when you do this, wear eye protection due to the compression of the spring or make sure you have it compressed when you cut the washer and slowly release the spring. 
      This Wiring Kit is 100% Plug-N-Play.
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    • KTJO 4x4 and its vendors shall not be liable for any accident resulting from the use of this product. This system is designed to be professionally installed into a vehicle in which all systems and associated components are in perfect working condition.