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    It all started with the Tacoma Tailgate Lock....

    Katie Kelley created KTJO 4x4 in 2019. In her former life, Katie worked as a Division I Collegiate Softball Coach. She left behind her 15 year coaching dream to seek—and eventually find—freedom in her home state of Oregon right next to all of her family. Katie found herself walking towards the unknown: new people, new experiences, and ultimately a new her. She always has had a genuine desire to help others.

    Katie settled into a new life manufacturing and selling aftermarket automotive accessories for both Interior & Exterior Vehicle Modifications that weren't offered by the dealerships, but should have been. She created a wire harness for her 2017 Toyota Tacoma tailgate so that it would lock and be secure while she was away from her truck. Then she moved on to wanting Power Folding Mirrors just like some of the top luxury vehicles. Katie felt if they could have them, so could she on her Tacoma. Following that product up was the Driver Side Grab Handle, which is today's TOP SELLER.

    One customer found out about the new unique products and acquired about them. One customer became two, and so on. You know how the story goes. She now designs and manufactures many different products that represent the passion of creating something with quality, care, and uniqueness that everyone can enjoy. Katie's passion with unique designs and collaboration brought her vision, and products, to life.

    Katie's highlight in creating KTJO is being able to work hand-in-hand with her family members every day and have the freedom to design products that customers have always dreampt of having, but maybe couldn't afford or it simply just wasn't an option for them.