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  • Rear Grab Handles For Toyota Tacoma 2016-2023


    Color Available:
    • If your Tacoma did not come with a Grab Handle on the B-Pillar, then this is the Package that you need. It will utilize the OE parts to add the Toyota Grab Handle to your Tacoma. Just select the color of your interior to get the one that you need to replace your factory trim pieces.
    • These are molded B Pillars with a Grab Handle that mirrors your Front Driver/Passenger Side Grab Handles. It is a complete package that comes with everything you will need to switch out your current Upper B Pillar Sections that did not come with a Grab Handle. Items included in this package:
      • Replacement Upper Center Pillar Trim, Left & Right (B1-Grey or C1-Black)
      • Replacement Grip Handle, Left & Right (B1-Grey or C1-Black)
      • Hole Covers (B1-Grey or C1-Black)
      • Tool, Trim Removal
      • Tool, Rivnut Gun
      • Hardware Bag
      • Installation Instructions - Tacoma Rear Grab Handles (Located on Website)
    • This will require removing the Right & Left Rear B Pillars out from your truck, as well as, a couple other parts like the Seat Belt Hardware around the panels to have access to where the upper section is anchored down by a hidden bolt. You can remove it completely or just leave this section intact. It is completely up to you. Again, these Right & Left Rear Grab Handles w/ Side B Pillars will be a direct replacement for your upper section of your factory B Pillars.
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