3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma (2016-21) Front Passenger Side Door Smart Key System (IC1 & IK1) Plug-N-Play Harnesses

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The purpose of this Kit is to add a Smart Key System to the Tacoma Front Passenger Door and directly connect it with the Driver Smart Key System. This is accomplished by using the provided (IC1 & IK1) harnesses to plug into the factory wiring through the Driver & Passenger Side in the Kick Panel Area.


There is no need to Splice/Tap into your Trucks OEM Wire Harness. These New Harnesses are made with all brand new material including OEM Connectors, Terminals, and Wiring to go with your Trucks Wire Harness located on the 3rd Gen Tacoma on the Driver & Passenger Side in the Kick Panel Areas. This allows you to Lock/Unlock your Front Passenger Door by running parallel with the Driver's Side Door Smart Handle when activated. Truck can be Lock/Unlock by the Key Fob or by touching either Door Handle even if the Key is on the other side of the vehicle (within 3 feet). This can be a pro or con depending on how you feel.


This new feature allows for you to be able to Unlock ONLY the Tacoma Front Two Doors while leaving the Rear Doors both Locked and vice versa without selecting in the head unit to open all doors at approach or first press of FOB. Therefore, you are NO LONGER REQUIRED to go through your head unit and make any changes to your settings like the following:


Press “Apps” button on head unit

Go to “setup” – “vehicle” – “vehicle settings” – “select doors to unlock” – choose “all doors”

Just alike, if you do not have the Smart Key System installed yet on your Front Passenger Door yet, that is ok. You do not need it for this mod. You will still be able to use the first press FOB feature and not have your Rear Doors Unlock/Lock.

This Kit & Wiring is 100% Plug-N-Play.


This kit and website contains the information necessary for installing and operating your FRONT PASSENGER DOOR SMART KEY SYSTEM (IC1 & IK1). If any questions arise, contact your installation dealer or KTJO 4x4.

This Kit and website is provided as a GENERAL GUIDELINE and the information contained herein may differ from your vehicle.


KTJO 4x4 and its vendors shall not be liable for any accident resulting from the use of this product. This system is designed to be professionally installed into a vehicle in which all systems and associated components are in perfect working condition.


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