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Power Tailgate Liftgate - 5th Gen 4Runner



The purpose of this feature is to add motorized functionality to the KTJO 4x4 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner (2014+) Power Tailgate Liftgate designed by Autoease that can be electronically raised and lowered from your Key Fob, the 4Runner Interior, or on the 4Runner Rear Door itself. It can even be opened and closed by a foot sensor that is installed under the rear bumper in case your hands are not free. This is accomplished by adding two powered actuators inside the liftgate hinge location, as well as, by using the provided plug-n-play harness that connects directly to the factory wiring located on the 5th Gen 4Runner. The OEM Factory Key Fob automatically opens your liftgate by pressing your OEM Key Fobs unlock button 3x. It automatically prevents your liftgate from opening while in drive or going down the road by having a safety feature enabled inside the Control Module - it is a must have safety feature in my opinion.


There is no need to Splice/Tap into your OEM Wire Harness. This New Harness is made with all brand new material including OEM Connectors, Terminals, and Wiring to go with your OEM Wire Harness located on the 5th Gen 4Runner. The purpose of this harness is to allow you to Open your Liftgate with your Key Fob, from the 4Runner Interior, or on the Liftgate itself. You are still able to use your handle to open your liftgate, but this alleviates the need for your handle and makes it more convenient for your use.

This Power Tailgate Liftgate has the following features:

-Support Foot(Boot) Kick Sensor
-Support Original Remote to Open/Close Gate
-Support Front/Rear Button to Open/Close Gate
-Still Support Manually Open/Close the Gate
-Customizable Gate Height, Suits to Everyone
-Gate will bounce back automatically once it senses obstacles while Closing
-Sound Alarm when Tailgate is Closing or Opening
-Quiet Motor, Noise less than 50dB in 30 cm distance
-Work in all Weather Conditions, operation temperature 22°F to 149°F


After you complete your installation, you will need to Initialize the System with the Control Module. Failure of not Initializing the System can cause damage to the unit. Also, due to the fact that rain could drain into the location of where the Control Module is located, it is highly RECOMMENDED to use dielectric grease or some sort of sealant around the Control Box Sockets/Panels for better Water Proofing. This is due to the sliding window located in the Rear Door and it will protect any foreseeable heavy moisture from entering and damaging the circuit board.


1x - Power Loom
1x - Control Box
2x - Power Struts
1x - Dash Button
1x - Gate Button
1x - Lock Cable
1x - Latch Motor (Depends on Vehicle)
1x - Foot Sensor (Depends on Kit - Comes as an Extra Add-on with some Kits)*
1x - Manual

*Contact KTJO 4x4 if interested in Foot Sensor

Due to the 4Runner hatch having very limited space, please pay close attention to the recommendations mentioned in the manual as they will help prevent you from possible damage that may occur later on down the road to your control box circuit board down the road.



This website and guide contains the information necessary for installing and operating your POWER TAILGATE LIFTGATE. If any questions arise, contact your installation dealer, KTJO 4x4, or Autoease.


This website and kit is designed for the installer or individual with an existing understanding of automotive electrical systems, along with the ability to test and connect wires for proper operation. To ease installation, we suggest that you:


before beginning your installation. This guide presented before you and website are provided as GENERAL GUIDELINES and the information contained herein may differ from your vehicle.


KTJO 4x4 and its vendors shall not be liable for any accident resulting from the use of this product. This system is designed to be professionally installed into a vehicle in which all systems and associated components are in perfect working condition.


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