3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma (2016-21) One Touch Window Closer Harness

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The purpose of this Kit is to add the convenient click of the button to your OEM Key Fob where you can Open and Close all of your Windows to your Toyota Tacoma.


This feature is designed so you can conveniently press your key fob and All your Windows will go Down or you can use your OEM Key Fob to have All your Windows Automatically go Up. You also still have the added features off the special features with the One Touch that enables you to be able to use your Power Window Master Switch (Driver) for all of the Windows as Auto Up/Down One Touch Operating Buttons on your Switch Panel; as well as, each Passenger is able to use their Power Window Switch Button as an Auto Up/Down One Touch Operating Button on their Switch Panel.

There is no need to Splice/Tap into your Trucks OEM Wire Harness. This New Harness is made with all brand new material including OEM Connectors, Terminals, and Wiring to go with your Trucks Wire Harness located on the 3rd Gen Tacoma in the Driver’s Side and Passenger’s Side Window Switch Panels. 


This will require removing the Kick Panel on the Driver's Side. You will need to remove some designated OEM Connectors that will connect directly to your New wiring harness. Then all you will have to do is plug your new wiring harness back into your selected slots to directly replace the OEM Connectors. 100% Plug-N-Plug. It is highly recommended to have the ability to test and connect wires for proper operation with a multimeter as there are many different models of the Tacoma for the 3rd Generation.


There's never any need to mount additional switches because KTJO 4x4's "Window Opener/Closer" Harness works with all factory window switches! 


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