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Plug-N-Play Tailgate Lock Harness - 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma (2012-15)



Power Tailgate Lock Plug-N-Play Harness (Connects directly to OEM Passenger Side Kick Panel Area Connector) By using the provided Plug-N-Play Harness to plug into the factory wiring, there is no need to Splice/Tap into your Trucks OEM Wire Harness. This New Harness is made with all brand new material including OEM Connectors, Terminals, and Wiring to go with your Trucks Wire Harness located on the 2nd Gen Tacoma. The purpose of this harness is to allow you to Lock/Unlock your Tailgate with your Key Fob. You are still able to use your key in your Tailgate, but this alleviates the need for your Key and makes it more convenient for your use.


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