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April 22, 2022 3 min read

In this article, we will see the difference between Self Respect vs Ego, impact, and the importance of self-respect. KTJO takes great pride in not only operating as a Professional Auto Parts Manufacturer, but as a Small Business that shares motivational quotes and articles from time to time. We hope this motivational article will inspire individuals to be better people, better students, and better athletes as we all work on SELF RESPECT for oneself verses one's own EGO.

Self Respect vs Ego | Impact, and Importance

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Self-respect is a person’s subjective perception of their worth. Treating and Cherishing yourself determines your Self Respect. You come to embrace both your negative and positive qualities and liberate yourself from other people’s standards.

Whereas ego realizes your importance. How you perceive yourself is your self-esteem, it’s your opinion of yourself, either positive or negative. When you start valuing yourself more than anyone else and consider yourself the greatest out there, self-respect becomes ego. 

And an inflated ego is when someone has too much self-esteem and believes that others are inferior to them.

Ego is inherently present in humans, even though it does not major in our actions. 

Robert Half said, “Ego trip: a journey to nowhere.”

Ego or pride is what keeps you from receiving constructive criticism from others. It causes you to exaggerate your ability and value while underestimating the amount of effort and expertise needed to achieve your objectives.

Why is having Self-Respect Important? 

It is said, “how people treat others is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” 

A healthy sense of self-respect will give you the courage to set clear limits. You naturally love yourself too much to succumb to society’s poisonous ways. It entails understanding your principles and standing for them, as well as respecting both your strengths and weaknesses.

Having self-respect makes you a stronger partner and human. It helps you realize what you deserve and gives you enough confidence to walk away from something not right for you. Treating yourself better encourages your partner to take you more seriously. When you command respect from others, they will begin to value you more and take you more seriously.

Jealousy, remorse, and a desire for vengeance are not obstacles to your success. It helps you excel as an individual. 

A person with enough self-respect often treats other people the way they want to be treated. It is often said, “what you give is what you receive.” When you command for respect and treat others with respect, they return the same courtesy. 

With a healthy amount of self-respect, you hold your head up high and do not allow yourself and others around you to be mistreated in any way. You hold your values and morals high and be your most authentic self. 

How does Self-Respect Impacts Life ?

Having self-respect allows you to see yourself as any other human being, deserving respect and love from selves, peers, and society. 

Having confidence, self-respect, and esteem is a path towards self-actualization. Standing up for your beliefs and morals is a sign of self-respect. Positivity attracts positivity; the better you treat yourself, the better people you attract, which helps you grow and make an even better person. 

Confidence helps you stand up for yourself and fight for everything to believe in.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

Standing up for yourself and others only gives more power to you to bring a change around you. We must be able to maintain a sense of honor and integrity for ourselves and our decisions. 

Choose to be a better person and respect yourself and others around you. Learn to walk away from any form of abuse. Choose to hold your head high. Choose yourself first.

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